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Welcome to Abubakr Alattas Palm Page

Since I am very much in fond of my Palm PDA, I created a separate web page for all things related to it.


Below are Palms I used since my Palm1000:

USR Palm 1000, I bought in 1997, It had a 1mb RAM and I later add 1mb more.

Palm Vx, I bought in 2000, it had 8mb RAM and was very useful to me.

Palm 515, I bought in 2001, First color Palm and had 16mb of RAM, and SD expansion card slot, and Couldn't belive that I would own one.

Palm TT, I bought in 2002, Had 64mb and a 144MHz processor, had a voice recorder and it can play sounds.

Palm T3, I bought in 2003, My current device, It has 64mb RAM and a wounderful 400MHz processor.

Treo 650, This is my future PDA (inshaallah), it is expected to be available here next year 2005. (Update: Its end of 2006 and I am holding a treo 650 since start of 2005, its the best and most practical device I have ever seen!!)

Centro (2008) Well I did mention above that Treo650 is the best PDA ever. Now, Centro is one more step ahead by improving Signal reception, Sound output, Bluetooth and many enhancements in the bundled software. I had my Centro since start of 2008 and still hold it beside me and couldn't find any other device that can replace it.


(2009) This device might be my new coming device when it becomes available in KSA. Still not sure if I would update to Palm Pre, lets see when it becomes available (29/06/2009)



Below is where you can find the devices above

Also this is a link to a group I created to discuss issues related to the Palm PDA:



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